Bird friendly. Bird smart.

EYE DOG provides superior, Canada geese management to Fredericksburg, Virginia and the surrounding areas, including Charlottesville, Richmond, and D.C. We specialize in serving private golf courses, gated communities, and resort properties. Our border collies are from exceptional, working sheepdog lines from North American and the United Kingdom. They are trained to the highest professional level on sheep and geese and are under voice and whistle command. This humane, non-lethal, sustainable approach for controlling nuisance species is approved by the USDA Wildlife Service, US Fish and Wildlife, and Audubon International.  

EYE DOG bases it's hazing strategies on various wild pack hunting canids to simulate the most realistic and dire predation threat possible including those of coyotes and gray wolves, the most common predators of adult geese. Our comprehensive hazing program makes an immediate impact by working multiple dogs simultaneously on land and in water to more decisively apply predatory pressure to condition a relocation response in the geese. Technical consulting services for animal damage management and environmental stewardship strategies are provided in-house by a Wildlife Ecologist and Senior Environmental Analyst and by a Water Quality Management Chemist. EYE DOG is a valuable asset to communities and corporations with Wildlife and Habitat management programs or objectives.